The Association team can help churches get grants to support them in mission. There are 3 main grants available through BUGB Mission Grants.

Mission through Ministry Grants can pay up to half of a minister's stipend, either full or part time, to help the church grow and develop with the hope that in time it will be able to self sufficient. If a church hasn't had any ministry for some years then a larger grant may be available.

Mission through Congregation Grants are designed for churches who are seeking to grow and develop but can't yet afford paid ministry. The grant can help with some of the day to day costs, such as rental for a building to meet in.

Mission through Project Grants are available up to £3000 per project. The fund seeks to help new initiatives of an evangelistic nature or for social action to get up and running. In S Wales we've recently received funding to train a CAP worker to give debt advice, and for equipment and training to set up a trekking, hikking and walking project. Previously funding has been given to provide a market place stall for a church doing weekly outreach. If you've got a project in mind and finance is proving to be a challenge why not consider applying!

If you'd like to explore any of these grants please get in contact with Revd Nick Bradshaw. More details can be found on the BUGB website.